Dennis James English, M.Sc., R.E.H.S.

Registered Environmental Health Specialist

Environmental Toxicologist

Environmental Engineer

General Building Contractor


Greater Northern California

San Francisco Bay Area

(510) 435-6222



 Environmental Health Investigations



Northern California

  • Residential Home Inspections
  • General Building Contractor Services
  • Insurance Repair Estimates
  • Environmental Health Investigations 
  • Mold Investigations and Remediation


License to Practice:




Academic Degrees:



  • AHERA Inspector and Management Planner
  • Certified Inspector Risk Assessor for Lead Hazards, CDPH #8003


Registered Environmental Health Specialist (R.E.H.S.) Services**:

  • Residential Environmental Assessments
  • Design of onsite septic systems (California Health &Safety Code, Section 106620)
  • Percolation Testing of soils
  • Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) Compliance Assistance
  • Solid/Liquid Waste Management Assistance
  • California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law (CURFFL) Compliance Assistance
  • Drinking Water Quality 
  • Underground Storage Tank Control
  • Land Use Planning
  • Environmental Investigations for Childhood Lead Poisoning
  • Mold Inspection and Remediation
  • Environmental Health Discovery Consultation for Attorneys
  • Environmental Justice Investigations and mitigation planning
  • Environmental Health Training

Licensed General Building Contractor Services**:

  • Construction Management,
  • Carpentry & Framing,
  • Estimating Service,
  • Joint Control Services,
  • Home Inspections, 
  • Warranty Service,
  • Building Code Compliance,
  • Building Inspection, Repair and Construction Management,
  • Green Building Training and Education.

** Each service must be contracted for under separate contracts or written as a change order from the original contract.


Home Inspection and Environmental Health Specialist Billing Rates:

  • Home inspection fee: $1000 per home per day,
  • Carpenter Rate: $75/hour (8 hour minimum),
  • Environmental Health Investigations rate:  $120/hour (8 hour minimum) with special fee reduction or exemption for low income clients,
  • Government fees/permits are not included,
  • Laboratory fees/invoices are not included,
  • Additional consultants/engineers/geologists and tradespersons may be included in the original billing or subcontracted out at the expense to the client,
  • Additional bonding and insurance is available at extra cost to client,
  • All fees and rates and terms are subject to change at anytime.





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Oakland, CA 94606





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